Tips to Avoid Computer Problems and Costly Computer Repair

Help Avoiding the Need for Computer Repair Service

Everyone needs computer help now and then. It is just part of owning a computer. But you can avoid computer problems by regularly performing your own computer maintenance. Even a computer hardware upgrade can be performed by most home PC computer users and they can save a lot of money by not having to pay for computer help or technical support. Most computer problems arise from a computer virus infection, spyware, malware or ransomware infection. At our computer repair Arizona shop in Tucson the most common computer repair we need to perform is a computer virus removal, spyware removal, malware removal or all three at once. After that there are a myriad of computer hardware issues that we are called on for technical support, most of which could have been prevented through computer maintenance.

Here are a few tips to help avoid costly computer repair:

1. Keep your desktop or laptop computer clean and free from dust build up. When the dust accumulates on the air intakes, exhausts and various cooling fans, this leads to a reduction in the ability of the components to be cooled and may lead to failure. Simply taking a a can of compressed air that is readily available at most office supply stores or large discount chains and blowing the dust out of your desktop and laptop air intakes, exhausts and various cooling fans can help prevent computer problems from excessive heat. Granted, for most people it is not possible to open a laptop like they can a desktop tower, but using the air can to blow the dust out of the components through the grills on the outside of the laptop still helps. 2. Install a good anti-virus software and make sure that it stays updated. We recommend an update frequency of at least every 3 days or less. Some software is multi-purpose providing anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-spyware computer help in one package or suite of applications. The better ones can even detect and remove the dreaded rootkit virus infections. And some of them are even free. A software that meets all of these requirements is Avast! and it has a free version. Just in case something slips on to your system, we recommend scheduling your anti-virus software to do a complete scan once a week to check for infections or dormant computer virus files that could be activated and infect your computer and perform a computer virus removal. 3. Install additional anti-malware and anti-spyware software that you will run manually about once a week. The fact is, no matter how good a single software maker is, no one application catches every infection on a computer. We suggest to our clients that they use the freely available Superantispyware and Malwarebytes and run them manually once per week. As always, make sure to update these applications right before your run them to ensure you have the latest virus definitions installed. 4. Performing a computer hardware upgrade and avoiding the need to call technical support for computer help is much more of a possibility today for those using desktop computers. Laptop computers are much more difficult, and impossible in some situations. If you are thinking about upgrading your video card, memory modules, hard drive or adding additional components, you can find just about any tutorial or instructions on the Internet. Youtube is a great resource for instruction videos and best of all it is free computer help. Just make sure you understand the physical specifications of the upgrade you are planning to undertake so you make sure that you get a computer hardware upgrade component with the right connections. 5. Lastly, the environment that you use your computer in should be as clean as possible. Believe it or not, computers will suck in and concentrate on their internal components whatever is in the air or on the surface or floor on which they are placed. Cigarette smoke will infiltrate a computer system and build up a layer of sticky nicotine that will actually attract dust. Computers that sit on floors will suck in animal fur if present and create fur balls inside the computer. Computers in dusty desert region on the country suck in and build up a very fine dust layer very quickly. So be aware of your environment and if you are in one that lends itself to rapid buildup of material that will clog up you computer, then clean it our more frequently. We hope you find these tidbits of information helpful in avoiding the need for a computer repair, calling for computer technical support, or asking you neighbor for computer help. Even computer virus removal can be done at home by most individuals. Thanks for reading, FireBall Tech Computer Repair Tucson, Arizona.
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