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Have you ever wondered how you can know you're picking the right computer repair company? Do you want to make sure you are getting the best value for your dollar for your computer repair services? Did you ever have a tech come out to fix your system just to tell you that you needed to buy a new computer without even really trying to fix yours? Getting your computer repaired quickly and at an economic price is essential and making the right choice when choosing your computer repair service provider is the first measure in meeting this goal. The sad fact is, that all too often, a person goes through a few hard experiences before they find a good computer repair technician or company. What most people find out after finally getting a computer repair company or technician they like is the one with the most experience is the one they preferred. Hi, I'm Bill Arnoldi, founder and owner of FireBall Tech Computer Repair in Tucson, Arizona. In the next several paragraphs I will share with you some very helpful information and why it is important to know. During my 16 year plus career in the computer technology industry, I found that when I employed new employees, I would invariably get the better employees from those candidates that had a resume of long-term hands-on experience in the tech skill for which I was recruiting. All too frequently, and nearly without fail, after hiring prospects that were fresh or recently out of schooling with all their certifications and degrees, the employees would come either to myself or one of the ranking I.T. managers to solve even the most elementary of problems. So why did this occur? The computer repair employees' lacked knowledge of the fundamental computer repair processes and relationships active in computer technology that enable a person to draw educated decisions to resolve problems. Put simply, they did not understand how things work. And how could they? They had enough of book and lab knowledge, enough of theory, but no real-world practical computer repair knowledge. This knowledge can only come from years of experience. It should be noted that this was not the rule, but was the case in the majority of circumstances. There were decidedly the special gems that persevered so hard to solve a tcomputer repair problem, never giving up, researching, making repeated tries, and finally resolving the problem whilst gleaming that knowledge they needed along the way. But in general, the greatest outcomes we ever measured came from those with a lot of hands-on and subjective computer repair experience.

Okay, so you may be wondering where this is all leading to tips for computer repair choices.

Well, in effect, when you, the consumer, select a company to provide you with computer computer repair support service, you are employing them just as you would an employee for yourself. And with that in mind, you want to make sure you engage someone with experience to get the job done properly and at a fair price. Something that I have experienced over the numerous years I have been in the technology industry is the vendor or supplier, and sometimes the computer repair employee that routinely rushes to the decision that the only solution to the technical problem is to upgrade or buy new equipment. That instantly becomes a cause for concern for me when this happens. I begin to question their competency in being able to supply me with dependable computer repair service and wonder if they have an ulterior motive. Sometimes I question if their actual objective is just to get me to buy new stuff from them, not always holding my best financial interests in mind. Sure, sometimes it does make sense to invest in upgraded equipment, but it should make good economical sense in the long run. To rapidly form such a determination that cannot generally be arrived at without first putting forth an effort to properly diagnose and troubleshoot the computer repair problem is unreliable. When that attempt is not obvious to me, I am highly suspect of a recommendation to drop money on new equipment, as should any prudent individual. This is similar to numerous experiences that my own customers have conveyed to me where they likewise have had a computer repair service supplier race to recommend that they buy new or upgraded equipment. Sometimes, it was discovered, and too often, that the service provider had an stake in selling the new equipment or service either through some commission agreement or revenue sharing arrangement. In essence, this motivated the computer repair service provider to sell rather than fix equipment, and oftentimes when it was not needed. Try to find a computer repair service provider that practices frugality and works to avoid unneeded costs and waste. Often all a person can afford is barely what they require to get by on. The service provider you pick out should work with you and your economical requirements. The personality of the computer repair technician you select is significant as well.. A company's service personnel should be very approachable and genuine and present professional and trustworthy demeanor. If you have ever dealt with some companies, particularly the big chain ones, then you may have experienced a tech that made you feel ignorant or inferior, or was intimidating to you. That's regrettable. Technicians are there to supply you with great computer repair service, not to inflate their own self-worth by exhibiting some kind of superiority complex about their accomplished expertise. Look for experienced and knowledgeable computer repair technicians doing their best to help you out and explain things in common terminology to help you understand what's going on. Stuff occurs to computers, its simply a fact of life. It even occurs to the best computer repair technicians in the business and even to me personally. So don't feel bad when it does, and avoid those self-important ego-driven tech people. Keep a look out for computer repair guarantees that in essence state that you will not be charged if it cannot be fixed. It sounds fantastic to the client as a way to make sure they are going to get something in return for their money, and it is a great merchandising line for the company, but if it were truly implemented at face value, the company would risk losing lots of revenue. So, then, you may wonder why, do you find those types of computer repair guarantees being offered? First of all, I suggest you read the small print. You will have to sign a computer repair service agreement and there may be something in there that spells out precisely how that "guarantee" applies. In general practice, these guarantees expect the client to accept any solution that the technician proposes to solve the trouble, even up to and including demanding them to purchase completely new equipment. And therein lies their "fix", as in the phrase, "If we can't fix it... Get it? Then, if the client declines the computer repair fix, the guarantee does not apply. The guarantee looks great on the surface, but it is an unrealistic outlook for the customer and of the computer repair technician. Let's get real here. The company cannot afford to run the risk of lost revenues, particularly in a market where competition is high and profits are marginal. If a tech comes out on-site or provides any form of service at all, expect to pay something, no matter what the outcome. It just shouldn't be an excessive amount. Not all technical issues are fixed as easily as we expect. After all, a computer repair tech never really knows how bad the problem is or what the cause is until he can actually get his hands on the equipment and diagnose it. Once he figures out the problem, it may not be worth the expense to fix it. And, it will usually cost to have a tech arrive at that determination. Anticipate to pay a diagnostic or troubleshooting fee in these instances. After all, you were still supplied with service to ensure what is required to be completed to remedy the problem. When selecting a computer repair company or technician, make certain to know the fee schedule under these circumstances. Numerous companies will even credit a portion or all of the diagnostic fees towards future business or the purchase of new equipment from them if so decided by the client. If they do not extend any sort of fee credit, then the fee should be nominal, usually an amount adequate to address the company's expense of dispatching a tech out to the client. Mileage charges are common for on-site computer repair support.. Of Course this is because time is money, and the computer repair company has to pay expenses of the technician by the hour, irrespective of whether they are being productive on-site or just sitting around in traffic. Factor in the mileage or travel fees into the other fees to see what kind of deal you are getting.

Finally, I want to convey to you, that you should pick out a computer repair company or technician that will empower you with the ability to help keep the problem from occurring once more. If the reason can be found, the computer repair technician should explain what measures, if any, that can be taken to perhaps prevent recurrence. Sure, they could take your money for another on-site call for the identical trouble at a subsequent date when it repeats, and do that over and over, but that would be unethical and downright reprobate in my judgment. Search for a computer repair company or technician happy to help you with an ounce of prevention through some hints so you can save the pound of cure in expense later.

The bottom line is this. When picking out a computer repair company or technician, do a little inquiry. Ask them questions, how long have they been around? What is their background? Google them on the Internet. Look up the names of the principles of the company. Get testimonials from friends or associates. However you do it, just do it before determining on whom to hire for computer repair. In closing, I hope you heard this information usable in helping you to pick out a reliable computer repair company or technician. You can likewise find other associated useful computer technology tips at our computer repair website at Thanks for reading, Bill Arnoldi.
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