Heat is a Killer of Laptop Computers as well as Desktop Computers

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Heat problems can lead to a visit to your local computer repair shop.

Most people take for granted the fact that their laptop computer or desktop computer is getting enough ventilation to keep it from overheating or cause damage. In my computer repair business, I come across computers and laptops that have their cooling fans and heatsinks completely clogged. Some desktop cases are so bad that they have from small "dust bunnies" to enormous blobs of dust or pet fur. The issue is that most computer owners suffer from the "out of sight, out of mind" syndrome and they simply forget that they need to periodically take an air can and blow the dust out of the inside and fans of their desktop computer or their cooling vents and fans on their laptop computers.

A Computer repair is frequently the result of dust and dirt.

A computer that is not cleaned periodically and accumulates debris restricting air flow thorough the cooling fans will begin to run hotter and hotter over time. The end result of this is what I refer to as "baking" the computer components. Electronic components do age, and heat accelerates this aging process and in the worst cases, leads to a thermal meltdown, essentially burning up the component. In the case of a CPU on a motherboard, in general they have what is basically a thermal protection mechanism built in that will automatically shut down the computer when the CPU temperature gets too high. CPU cooling is frequently the problem when a computer repair job shows symptoms of simply turning off after either being on for a certain amount of time or when doing processor intensive tasks such as graphic editing, video playing or game playing. Other components inside a desktop computer or laptop computer may not have a thermal protection mechanism and they will simply fail at some point from continued over heating. A desktop computer is less costly to fix when a component needs to be replaced due to thermal failure, but a laptop repair can be costly. Laptops contain many components integrated into the mainboard, or motherboard, which means that when any one of those components fails, it may require replacement of the entire board. Components that can fail easily from heat on a laptop are memory modules, which are not integrated in the mainboard in most laptops, graphic processors and memory, or GPUs, the main processor, or CPU, and several other components that control various interface processes. Replacing the mainboard in a laptop computer is probably the most costly repair that can be performed. In fact the cost of such a repair is often the deciding factor in whether or not one should pay that much for a repair or just invest in a new laptop computer. What is worse is that it may involve replacing not just the mainboard, but also the memory and possible the CPU as well thus driving up the repair cost even more.

Preventive maintenance can help avoid a costly computer repair.

The cost of repairs is why desktop computer and laptop computer owners need to take time and clean out their computer cooling and ventilation fans and heatsinks and make sure they are operating correctly. In the long run, performing routine cleaning can help extend the life of your laptop computer or desktop computer and help avoid the expense of a computer repair. Purchasing and keeping a compressed can of air that is for cleaning computers from your local office supply store and keeping it in your work area may help you remember to clean your laptop or desktop periodically. However, cleaning is not the only precaution that should be addressed. Maintaining an unobstructed airflow to the devices air intake and exhaust grills are very important as well. In the case of a desktop, make sure that the air intakes are not blocked by any objects or surfaces placed too close to or against the ventilation of the desktop computer. The same goes for laptop computers with one additional suggestion. Always keep your laptop on a hard surface when using it. It is all too common for people to place laptops on their lap, on their bed, on their couch or other furniture that has a padded upholstered surface. Doing so restricts and often completely blocks air flow through a laptop causing it to run extremely hot and bake the components inside. Desktop and laptop computers need to have good ventilation to help them operate efficiently and get the maximum lifetime out of them. Keep them clean, and keep their air intakes and exhaust clear of obstructions and it will help you get the most from your investment. The alternative may be a costly repair at a computer repair or laptop repair service provider.
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