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About FireBall Tech
  FireBall Tech was founded and is owned by Bill Arnoldi, an I.T. executive with over 20 years of information technology experience. He is an industry veteran with his most recent position having been that  of Chief Technology Officer of IDT Media Group in Irvine, CA.(idtmediagroup.com) through June of 2010.  After joining the company in 1997, known at that time as Innovative Diversified Technologies (IDT), he partnered with the executive team to take the company from a start-up to a company with over 10 million dollars in annual sales by 2007. Throughout the term of his engagement, he led the technology team to see the company grow and sustain through its many incarnations as the company adapted to the changing market and created new initiatives and product offerings to sustain and grow the company.   While at IDT, he was hands-on and instrumental in all aspects of designing, deploying and maintaining every critical aspect of the enterprise computer technology infrastructure requirements that were necessary to support the company’s initiatives. His extensive background in online marketing and e-commerce was key in developing strategic advertising and promotion programs throughout his tenure.   IDT Media Group’s web properties and projects that Bill was instrumental in bringing to market included DiskFaktory.com, DFJams.com, DFJamsStore.com, DFGems.com, diskfaktory-mastering.com, and diskfaktorycreative.com, among others.   IDT Media Group sold the DiskFaktory brand and other brands to investors in February of 2012 and as such has ceased operations in its original form.   His latest venture is the founding of an I.T. services company, FireBall Information Technologies, in his hometown of Tucson, for both business and residential clients. Bill brings his extensive and vast array of business, technology and marketing knowledge to bear with the launch of FireBall Information Technologies, D.B.A. as FireBall Tech.   FireBall Tech’s directives are to utilize technicians who have an established resume’ of resolving a diverse field of computer support problems, have demonstrated integrity and a genuine desire to work diligently to find solutions that fit the clients’ needs.   By following this directive, along with finding the most seasoned and experienced technician’s, more and more clients are discovering the benefits of choosing FireBall Tech as their choice for local computer support and service. Through targeted promotions, word of mouth and referrals from satisfied clients, FireBall Tech is growing in leaps and bounds. If you have any questions or comments or need to contact us or Bill Arnoldi directly for any reason, please use our Contact Form by Clicking Here or call us at (520) 232-2377 and we will be happy to help you.